Saturday, November 24, 2012

Truth Behold - Maieutic

Hello ladies and lads. Dan The Man here. Yes, that's right, Dan The Man from yonder years ago. I bet you've been wondering where I've been and what I've been up to. Actually, I doubt you cared at all but I'll give you a quick update. I've been getting educated, becoming extremely good looking, and having copious amounts of sex with hookers and scalawags  However, all of this has left a hole in my soul that only you people can fill, so here I am with an attempt to bring this bad boy back. So without further ado, I reintroduce to you, The Bryson City Breakdown. Lets start this off right.
To bring this blog back to fruition, I bring you a band that I've been jamming non stop since I found them a week ago. Hailing from Montreal, Canada, Truth Behold brings some well done progressive deathcore to you and essentially makes you their female dog as you have no choice but to sit through and feel your face melts. It hurts. It hurts so good.
Sounding like the love child of Born of Osiris and After The Burial, Truth Behold puts on a hell of a performance with their first album "Maieutic". If you've been a fan of this devil music for any time now, you know that the genre has it's share of stinkers that are not only stale, but never seem to die....well Carnifex did, so maybe there's hope. Either way, these guys are not your run of the mill deathcore act. These lads show off their creative chops time and time again in each song. In fact, during my first listen to Maieutic, there was not a single song play that didn't have me catching myself for making that snarled up "ermergerhd" metal face. It's a beautiful thing and they made me be a repeat offender. Way to go dicks. Bet you feel proud of yourself don't ya, making poor Dan look like an ass?
When all is said and done, I feel like there isn't a better band out there to bring back the revival of this blog and get you all to whip out those moshing pants and cause a riot. Just listen to the preview song, get yourself a taste of the carnage these guys bring, and get excited because every song on this album is of amazing quality. No filler here. It's always nice when Canada gives us one more reason to forget about Nickelback's existence. Canada, oh Canada, I thank you for Truth Behold. And with that, I leave you all to enjoy yourself some metal. Spread the word about them as well as us. Spread it like butter. Mmmmmmm butter.


  1. Welcome back! This is the only blog I ever really trusted to find new tunes so, yes, you were missed!

  2. Awesome Paul, thanks! If I recall correctly, you're the guy who liked Breakdown of Sanity a lot right? If so, they're working on a new record (seems like forever, can't wait for that one.)